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Last 2-3 days were spent at the Indian Wealth Summit 2.0 organized by the revolutionary management expert Dr. Ameet Parekh and his team featuring Global business leaders such as Vishen Lakhiani, Ashneer Grover, Dr A Velumani. Now, I confess that I knew very little about the last dignitary viz. Dr A Velumani & confess that I did not know the person behind the stupendous story of Thyrocare's journey to a Rs 7000 Cr enterprise an ex-scientist with TIFR. Thyocare is devoted to various tests for thyroid gland, which is only 15 mm long and located at the front of the throat. It secretes hormones to regulate many metabolic processes, including growth and energy expenditure. Dr Velumani started by saying that nothing is an disadvantage in life; According to him, being born poor and in a village was a great concoction since being poor made him solve problems and villages were true universities anyway.

Of entrepreneurship, he feels there are those who created a story & those who did not take a risk. He talked of people who "See what others can see", "Cannot see what others can see" & "Can See what others cannot see" - the last is the key. He delightfully talked situations where rewards outweighed risks, not aspiring for success too soon in life, and said famously that What is Easy to do may not be Right to do' and that those afraid to take risk would never achieve much in life. Of course his master-class covered various timeless truths too: regarding Comfort Zones and Disruption how he saw people as Those who get disrupted, Those who Disrupt other businesses and Those who disrupt Self - the last being ideal. Dr Velumani broke tradition in hiring 15000 mainly freshers, Preference for surplus staff, Not seeking to withdraw his profits, Experimentation with bar-codes, Earliest user of technology, Innovation like a Hub-n-Spoke model etc

Some of his pithy, wise but delightful sayings (He is a south Indian, who went to Mumbai, mind you!)गया थो बाल, मिलि थो पहाड़  - to take risks where not taking risks will cost you more जो कुछ भी खोने से डरता है, वह कभी कुछ हासिल नहीं कर पाता

 - the truth about risk and reward जो काम करते हैं, वो बूढ़े बनते हैं, जो काम दूसरे से करवाते हैं, वो बड़े बनते हैं - On delegation of work जो दूसरो को जिताता है, वो हारता नहीं है - On sharing rewards with his franchisees

All in all, a triumph for originality, simplicity & erudition in this complex world !

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Jan 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very inspiring and so true

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