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WHY TIMING IS SUPREME .. don't miss the train

The history of the world is full of instances, where something which was unthinkable a few decades back, has become an idea whose time has come.

Women's suffrage, Black Lives Matter, Me-too campaign are all examples where centuries of prejudice suddenly got overturned in less than a decade.

In business, work from home, five day week, gender-neutrality, paternity leave are all changes which happened over the last decade or so almost everywhere

Some or most of changes in business may happen simply because of technology or generation shift. India's demographic dividend is a well known phenomenon.

Junking annual reviews for staff by some leading tech companies made headlines some years back. But junking mass lay-offs is a change, still waiting to happen.

In the next few decades, it is possible that having the youngest work-force and also the largest, the most startling changes in business will happen in India.

Key persons pay based on profit-sharing, job inter-mobility in industry & government, greater conflict of interest awareness is already happening.

THE SECOND OPINION has inputs and plans which help you to design a modern workplace by having policies best suited for your business.

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