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YOU ARE DOING 'GREAT' .. how often do we want to hear it

Success and failure is ultimately a relative concept. What is success to one person may be seen to be just a failure by others. So why invest so heavily in 'success' ?

There have been supremely talented artistes like Kafka or Van Gogh who have gone to the graves as failures, only to be recognized as geniuses after their death.

A composer like Madan Mohan always felt unrewarded even as lesser talent ruled the industry. Today, of course, his work & compositions are considered nonpareil.

The need to be validated is among the human traits affecting everyone; young-old, poor-rich, man-woman-child and can make you act outside your comfort zone.

Either you turn inward and excel each time or seek the company of only those who comfort you or give up feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by failure.

For leaders of an enterprise or an organization, being 'lonely at the top' is common, and objective self appraisal in these circumstances is often hard to come by.

THE SECOND OPINION helps validate the success or failure of any enterprise or organization and helps you negotiate challenges in your business journey ahead.

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